Bubbles bubbles everywhere!

As I just started this blog in May, I’m making an effort to fill in some back story and will date the posts in relation to when they occured not when they were actually written. I wanted to share a post written to Henry from my other blog, sharing the excitement of overcoming one of his sensory issues… bubbles!


Dear Henry

It may seem like a small thing but these pictures of you smiling in a bubble bath feel miraculous! You’ve had a strange fear of bubbles (in the bathtub only) for quite sometime. You didn’t want to see them, touch them, have them touch you or be anywhere near the bathtub when there were bubbles in it. It was really puzzling. You caught a bad cold last week and we’ve been doing vapor baths that have bubbles, and for whatever reason you are totally fine with it. Gasp! You may even be enjoying it! Yay! We are so happy you over came this sensory issue…we are hoping it will apply to other things as well. We don’t want you to miss out on any fun! Bubble baths are so much fun after all, and one of life’s sweetest and simplest luxuries! Yay Henry!  Here’s to many more bubble baths!
Love you


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