Connecticut Walk for Apraxia

I was happy to participate in the Connecticut walk for Childhood Apraxia of Speech today. All proceeds benefited CASANA. Despite the cloudy and damp weather there was a fantastic turnout of 300 people!  Team Lloyd was small, but filled with some very special people in my life so I’m grateful they could participate with us.

I was moved by some other people’s stories. Two moms mentioned that their son began talking at 4 1/2. I’ve heard that age mentioned more than once and I find that interesting. Like 4 is the magic age. It  feels like such a long time to wait!. A few had almost conquered apraxia, and they had been battling it for years with their child… and still they walked with the rest of us. It was hard to get too much socializing and networking in because Henry, in typical 2 year old fashion, was running amok and had no interest in walking around a track. I couldn’t blame him. Exploring was much more fun.

I look forward to doing this next year and raising money for such a great cause, and one close to my heart.


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