Henry has been babbling mamama, or dadadada for a while now. But he hasn’t used mama to actually communicate with me before. If he wanted my attention or if he was addressing me it was always the  go-to sound…”eh”.  Last week his dad had him on the changing table while I was washing dishes in the kitchen. I guess he was whining for me and pointing and his dad said “you better call her if you want her to come”, and he yelled out “MAMA!!!”. I dropped the dishes and came running… I instantly smothered him in hugs and kisses and I’m sure he was a little confused and disturbed by my crying.  I was so happy to finally hear that. I swear it took me an hour to stop crying. I know he is trying so hard and I can’t wait to hear him call me mama a thousand times over again!

A few days after this, more progress!  He’s started labeling things as “this”…before it was “dat” (for that, also a recent new word approximation)…and I can tell you love practicing and making the “sss” sound at the end.

Then tonight, after reading books, we sang “twinkle, twinkle little star” like we do before every nap and bedtime. Usually he is busy with his twinkle hands and waving his arms in the air, but he was just watching me sing it tonight. Then when I got to the part… “how I wonder what you ARE”… he chimed in with “ahhh” for “are”!  I repeated the song several times leaving out that sound and he repeated it again!  What a great day!



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