Word count

This seems as good a place as any for me to track Henry’s words and/or approximations. I will update it regularly. Boring to most, invaluable to me.

Here goes…

Henry’s words at 18 months: (3) mama, dada, ha (for hot).

words said once and then lost: duck, dog, clock. These have yet to reappear

Almost no imitation with prompting at this point. Aside from mamamama, dadadada…little to no babbling and not any mixed consonant babbling. Used pointing, grunting and the sound “eh” for almost everything. It was at this point we had an evaluation with early intervention and the ball got rolling.

Henry’s words at 28 months:

(5) words without any prompt:  mama, dada, this, dat (that), hot

(10) words he imitates with prompt:  up, out, hat, boo, me, knee, pee, be, papa, yes, baby,

sounds and approximations with prompting:  mo (more), papa, ba or buh buh (for ball, bubbles and bye), eh, wa wa, nana, eeee, ooooh, ah, ssss (for snake sound), zzz (to make z sound or sleeping sound), oheee (for meow), and some letter sounds for: e, f, h, k, l, m, p, s, t, v, z


2 thoughts on “Word count

  1. Not boring to me! It’s interesting to see where Henry was and where he’s at now. His words at 18 months are very similar to Camden’s. The only real difference I see is that Camden has never had any spontaneous words that he lost. That’s so interesting to me that apraxic children often randomly say a word and then lose it.

    Looks like Henry is making great progress. He’s imitating a lot! I’m so looking forward to the day Camden starts to imitate sounds!!

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