a great week…

Henry has days and weeks when I think we are spiraling backwards …where I feel desperate to recover the words and sounds that he seems to have lost. Then there are weeks like this one, when new sounds seem to pop up on almost a daily basis. It’s miraculous and surprising. I find myself stopping in my tracks and thinking, did I just hear what I thought I heard?! Wait, Henry, can you say “___” again?!  It also makes me wonder what made this week different, more successful…and how do I duplicate it?  I have yet to find an easy answer. That may never become clear so in the meantime I enjoy the high of feeling more connected to my son and knowing progress is being made. Seeing the pride and joy in his face when he successfully vocalizes a new word is amazing.

The other day he repeated the word “hi”. Not “ha” like it’s been for months (if we could even get that), but “hi” …spoken clearly and concisely, and sometimes followed by a little wave of the hand and a huge grin.  Then came a word without any prompting at all… “ball” !!!!!!! (pronounced more like “baw”,  but I’ll take it!). You would think this would have been his very first word considering his obsession with golf balls, basketballs, footballs…you name it. He is so excited to shout “baw” and then point to me and say “mama” and then throw the ball to me. It feels like we are interacting on a whole different level.

Today when our SLP and developmental teacher from Birth23 were here, we swore we heard him repeat the word “rain” and then attempt to say “help”. Then he made an approximation for “Becca”, his SLP, that we heard at least 3 times! Within the span of one hour he made three approximations we have never heard before.  Now, like the others, we have to work to make them stick! I’m so proud of my baby boy!


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