trampolines, tunnels and balance beams, oh my!

Today was Henry’s first day of a Parent/Toddler gymnastics class I signed up for at the YMCA. It is for toddlers aged 18-36 months. He had taken this class at the beginning of the year, and my gosh, what a difference 6 months makes!

Last January when we started the class, I wasn’t sure we would even continue. He became so overstimulated and freaked out during the class that we would often last only 10-15 minutes before we had to leave. As classes progressed I tried to add a few minutes each time to the length of our stay. He improved in his tolerance of the class, but still wouldn’t stay through the end or enjoy the parachute group exercise the class closed with. It was also very hard not to notice how uncoordinated he was compared to the other kids…some who were younger.  Since that time he has had months of occupational therapy and his gross motor skills and motor planning are like night and day. We have made huge strides and today was really a testament to that. He went through the obstacle course, tried all of the exercises, and lasted the entire length of the class! His balance was improved as well as his climbing ability, coordination and just overall confidence.  I imagine him feeling more sure of himself allowed him to enjoy the class that much more. Now I can look forward to these classes rather then dreading them!


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