What’s happening?!

I’m sitting here in total shock and joy looking back at the strides Henry has made this last week in his speech! It is blowing my mind really. I read somewhere that toddlers even younger than Henry can acquire up to ten new words a day!! I guess that makes sense when typically developing two year olds have an average of a 200 word vocabulary.  Whenever I’ve read these articles or look at milestone charts (which I just had to stop doing like six months ago) I’m always curious what that must be like. Henry is my first and while I marvel at his development overall and the little sponge that he is, I can’t imagine him having ten new words a day. I mean, it just must take your relationship and communication to a whole other level. I dream about it really, but I can’t dwell in the fact that we are not following a typical path.

This all occurred to me because I feel like I’ve had a little taste recently as to what this kind of growth is like. In Henry’s world, this is mostly occurring in his ability to repeat more sounds or make new word approximations with prompting. It doesn’t apply quite as much to spontaneous words, but there is definitely growth there as well. Prior to these last few weeks it was rare that he would just come out and make a raw attempt at imitating a new word or sound. It always seemed to take many many therapy sessions, tons of requests, and some sort of silent processing on his end before he would even try. Even when we got to the point of an attempt, it would often start with mouthing the approximation (no sound)…to then whispering… and finally after some time, he would actually speak in a normal tone and volume.  He has this confidence now I haven’t seen before, and I don’t know where it’s coming from.  It’s so exciting because I can actually gauge where he’s at and almost “test” him. He plays right along.  The therapists we work with have all said that one day something would click and things would fall into place and progress would be much more noticeable. It was hard to imagine sometimes, but I guess this is our moment, our week. That being said, here is our word count!

Spontaneous words: (14) :  mama, dada, daddy, hot, papa, la-la, ice, bee, boo, baw (for ball), this, dat (for that) ew, and uh-oh

Words/approximations said by imitation or with prompt: (38!!!)  yes, no,  ama (grandma), Jess, baba (for Becca), house, bow, me, go, my, pee, hat, up, out, off, knee, moo, pooh, door, elo (yellow), purple (I can’t begin to pronounce how he says this:), ahloo (for Caillou), llama, apo (for apple),  detoo (for tissue), tato (for potato), awa (for water), nana (for banana), buh buh (for bye bye), please, ni-ni (for night night), baby, wow, ow, I, hi, ah(for are), ba boo (for bubble)


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