Go team!

I’ve shared recently Henry’s great progress with his speech. Of course we notice this during therapy and just in day to day life… but it’s particularly joyful to see him being able to feel part of a large group and being able to participate in the fun. His new favorite word is “ball” (pronounced “baw”) and he is so excited to say it and to be understood. Especially since anything to do with balls is his all time favorite thing these days. Golf, baseball, football, you name it. Henry’s cousins play football for the local high school and middle school. Henry is ecstatic to attend the games. Not only does he get to watch football, which he seriously concentrates on watching, but he gets to see and hear the marching band! Music and instruments are his other favorite, so what could be better? I was overjoyed during the last game when he was randomly shouting out “baw, baw!!”, or even “ah!”. Any sort of sounds from him are music to my ears, even if it may have slightly annoyed those around us. This is all along with adorable clapping and waving on his part, and total pride on mine.  On a funny side note, unrelated to speech, Henry was equally fascinated with the cheerleaders. At one point he was waving and smiling the opposite direction of his cousins. When I asked him who he was waving too, he signed “girls” and pointed to the cheerleaders. His father is so proud :)


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