Vestibular Dysfunction… add it to the list!

Just when I think I have a handle on what we are dealing with with Henry, I get thrown another curve ball. I really thought after all of these months of research and endless conversations that I sort of had things figured out…at least for now.

I had an informal evaluation done with a PT at the clinic where Henry gets some private speech. The SLP had noticed that Henry had a strange gait, and of course motor planning issues and she wanted someone else to step in and take a look. We have OT through early intervention but an additional eye on the situation is always a good idea. Of course I used it as an opportunity to pick her brain on other things.

This started with our SLP giving her an overall history on Henry. Then she spent about 20 min or so observing Henry, watching him run and do other activities. The motor planning issues were obvious…difficulty figuring out how to get on and off a chair and other objects. Then she mentioned low muscle tone in his core area. I have heard of low muscle tone in apraxic children, but never really thought Henry was a classic case. He did use to have an open mouth position constantly and things like that, but that has improved with OT. I guess she could tell by his techniques in getting off the floor and maneuvering himself in general. He compensates with his arms and legs, and overall stance where if his core were stronger he wouldn’t have to.

She also said he is very flat footed, his left more than his right and that his feet are pronated and his toes point out when he walks. I have been noticing this lately trying on shoes and having him run around. It’s the first time I  have really been noticing that myself.  I have a hell of time finding shoes that work for him. They have to really curve up off the ground at the toe or he falls on his face every five minutes. Even then, sometimes he just can’t walk in a shoe and I can’t really figure out why. Usually the ugliest ones work the best ;)

We covered his sensory seeking behaviors, and I also discussed with her some of his other issues including his tremors after certain activities or during fine motor movements. She’s attributing this to a vestibular issue. This idea has gotten tossed around by some nice people I have talked to online and it makes sense with some things I have read in books.

They are suggesting a PT and an OT evaluation. I never imagined Henry would need PT too… add it to the list I guess.. here we go…


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