What?? Good news from the insurance company?? Can it be?

It’s shocking. I spend a lot of time cursing Blue Cross Blue Shield and health insurance companies in general.  But shockingly enough I got a tidbit of good news today from our SLP!!

After finding out Henry may need additional OT outside of early intervention as well as PT, I freaked out. As it is, we only get 45 visits per year, and OT, PT and Speech are all under that 45 visit umbrella. We also have to beg for 8 or so visits to be approved at a time within that 45 count.

My SLP said some insurance companies count a day as a visit…as in he could have PT, OT and Speech in one place on  the same day and it would count as one and not three. (of course there are still 3 separate $25 copays that add up, but it’s better than $180 a session). This sounded too good to be true, I mean, this is BCBS we are talking about here… but she looked into it and we qualify for that option! Awesome!!!!  Now we just need them to approve it…I already see appeals in my future! I’m ready!


1 thought on “What?? Good news from the insurance company?? Can it be?

  1. Can’t believe they denied the request. We also have BCBS and I was told I could appeal for more visits. I don’t think it’s fair that the insurance reps get to decide if we get more visits or not. I’m not sure how we can fight this battle. I would love to change this!

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