Kaufman – Day 3

This was our best day so far! Just when you think Henry must be plateauing, he surprises you again. Two syllable words… three word phrases. Granted these are approximations, but we could understand him and it’s the most we’ve heard from him ever! It’s really all too much to digest and even write down!  I will have to go over the videos when we receive them and take better notes. It’s so hard to do when you are enthralled with watching everything taking place and hearing words for the very first time.

After our first session with Nancy this morning, she called me in to talk and she said, “I just want to tell you that Henry is going to be just fine”.  I knew this of course on some level and that it would be fine in some undetermined amount of time, but it was all so abstract. Hearing these words from an expert really resonated.  This was the best news and it felt like a weight was off of my shoulders. I know there is still so much therapy and hard work at home ahead, for likely years, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s so good to hear!  Further she said that we are in such a great place because Henry doesn’t have a major co-existing condition (like autism), that he pays attention, he’s eager to learn and he’s smart as a whip. And of course he’s cute as a button! :) His personality and his ability to learn so quickly makes him an awesome candidate for the Kaufman technique, and all of these characteristics will mean great progress. She couldn’t say when he would catch up, but she feels extremely positive about him and is so happy that he is there. She even is considering using some of his therapy tapes for teaching purposes.  She asked me if I remembered when I was at her conference in April and she showed a video of a little boy very similar to Henry… and then showed a tape of him when he was 18.  This young man was going to Tufts University (?) at the time, you could barely tell when he spoke that he ever had apraxia, and he also learned two to three different languages!!   She said, “that’s Henry!”. It made me so happy.  I remember watching the video of that boy, then Henry had just turned two, and I hoped we would be so lucky.

We talked more about what we can do at home and she suggested making him a book of his favorite things. This would be a binder with photos of his actual objects, not generic photos, and then I would write his approximations on these photos so we can work on some of his favorite functional words.

Then we went off to OT with Amy again, this time in a different room… to “space camp’! Here Amy really wanted to test his vestibular functions. She sat him on a balance board that spun on a lazy Susan. For a vestibular system to be working properly they look for eye movement/bouncing for 7-10 seconds after ten consecutive spins. Well Henry put his foot down to stop the spinning after three turns and after completing the ten turns there was no eye bouncing. She said his vestibular system is over responsive, but that he is getting some sensory input because his cheeks were flushed. She said that after vestibular activity that squishing him (think Henry sandwich), wrapping him tightly in a blanket, or even blowing a horn or whistle just might possibly head off his tremors. If not, even so it will make him feel more grounded and less uneasy about the feeling he has after these kind of activities. Amy is great and will be giving us a lot of information and exercises to work on at home. Another successful day!!!!


1 thought on “Kaufman – Day 3

  1. What wonderful news! I’m sure it was such a massive weight lifted off your shoulders to hear that Henry is going to be okay. Like you said, I’m sure you already knew that on some level, but hearing it from an expert is extra reassuring. I’m so glad you’re having such a good experience there.

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