Last day at Kaufman

The fourth and last day arrived and I was looking forward to more therapy for Henry, but dreading the end of the day having to say goodbye.  I have this knot in my gut wondering just how are we going to keep this amazing progress going once we leave.  I know I have to be realistic about it and I put way too much pressure on myself, but now that I can see what he’s capable of I really want this growth to continue. I know that a lot of it hangs on what happens at home, so I can’t help but feel this pressure.

But when I sit and really think about it, I learned so much here…I took notes, I’ll have videos to refer to, and great exercises for Henry from the OT. Hopefully his therapists at home will be receptive and willing to bring these techniques into his sessions too.  Everyone has his best interest at heart so I have to remain optimistic that we can do this as a team.

Back to Kaufman…Henry had another great speech session in the morning. He seemed to struggle a little bit as he got pushed a little bit harder, but he tried his best and really did great. We recapped the week with Nancy and discussed coming back for a follow up next year… we are thinking in the spring sometime. She suggested signing up for the summer SPEAK camp because it fills up so quickly, so we did that as well. I don’t know how realistic that is financially, but I hear such great things about it I would really like to try to make it happen.

We followed up with our last visit with Amy for OT. She had a stack of print outs outlining exercises to do at home to help his vestibular and proprioceptive systems and I peppered her with last minute questions. She’s so great! Finally, she did the spinning exercise with Henry again and said his eyes made movements later than they should and that he was having a delayed reaction.  She thought it was possible that’s why he has tremors after these kinds of activities start ten-sixty moments afterwards. It’s something to consider. She again suggested that we do some deep pressure and proprioceptive activity afterwards to see if it reduces the tremors. We will try this at home.

All in all another great day. We are sad to go and wish we could wrap up all of these wonderful people and take them home with us. I guess we will just have to look forward to our next visit!


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