“I la oooooh!”

Music to my ears!  Henry said his first “I love you” to me tonight! We have a routine of reading books before bedtime, followed by a couple of songs with him sitting on my lap facing me. Usually he signs or gestures along with the songs or offers up a sound here and there. Tonight when I started to sing he stopped me and started to sign “I love you” except this time he spoke along with his signs  … “I la ooh”. This is his closest approximation.  He has never put these sounds together in a row before spontaneously. Usually I have to say “I” and he repeats me… “love” and he repeats me..etc. So this was huge for him! Never mind that it is my most favorite thing to hear! I’ve been saying it hundreds of times a day for two and a half years and it’s pretty gratifying to hear it back.

As I’m typing this Henry is in his crib talking to his baby. He seems to be practicing his “b” sounds. I’m hearing something like this : “ba ba, baby, bye ba, bye bye, ba boo, ba ba ba… ” etc. He’s finding his voice for sure. I think he likes hearing it almost as much as I do…


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