Pipecleaners and fine motor

I found this idea on pinterest the other night and thought it would be a nice activity for Henry to work on his fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. I have been collecting arts and crafts supplies lately, getting ready for a winter indoors, so I already had pipe cleaners on hand.

Henry loved this!  We did it after dinner and before bedtime because it’s also a nice quiet activity.  First he just liked to touch the pipe cleaners and loved the fuzzy sensation on his lips. He also just got really into threading them in and out of the holes of the colander. This kept him busy for quite a while. I also used it as a speech opportunity. Henry had to choose the color he wanted by naming it first, and then saying “in” when he put them in the holes.

Once he tired of this we got silly  and made all kinds of fun things with the pipe cleaners…glasses, headbands with kitten ears, and a fuzzy black spider. From a sensory perspective he did great with all of it, he was just leery of the spider. Even though he knew it wasn’t real, he got the eebie jeebies and was a little shakey, but not crying  :)  But hey, no hand tremors during this activity and that’s always nice to see!   I will pull this activity out again on a rainy day .


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