Settling back in

It’s been a full week since our return from Michigan. We all needed some downtime, including Henry.

Some of my prior concerns are coming true. Keeping up what Henry learned at Kaufman is a challenge. Obviously therapy here is very different than with Nancy, and it’s less intense, but the crazy part is Henry seems even less attentive and is producing less sounds in therapy now. He has too much freedom to move around and get distracted in my opinion…he’s two so who could blame him for doing so if given the chance? He’s also less excited about going at all. I can’t really figure it out, he seems to be rebelling and pushing back a bit. Maybe he’s just tired?

Our SLP here is great, and very open minded. I shared the DVDs we received from KCC and she’s in the process of reviewing them. I’m hoping in partnership that some positive changes can be made in the format of his therapy to make him more attentive and focused. It’s funny how once you see something done, your expectation rises to that level going forward, even if it isn’t totally realistic. I don’t expect our SLP here to be Nancy, or to use her techniques 100% because she has a lot of good ideas and experience too.  However, I’m hoping we can pull away the things that worked and implement them. It’s continuing to be an open discussion and I just need to be patient. It’s hard once you hear that little voice, you want to hear it over and over again! I’m not ready to go back to more silence.

At home, if prompted, I can get him to repeat sounds and words and sometimes even the phrases we learned last week. It’s part of scripting and what my husband and I need to be doing often throughout the day. In addition to scripting, I try to turn repeating words into funny games or songs. Otherwise, if it seems too much like “therapy”, Henry catches on and gets frustrated. He doesn’t want mommy to play therapist and I have to be careful not to cross that line. It’s hard because I have seen him gain words and then lose them again…I’m trying to help him retain all that he learned last week. I guess I thought there would be more spontaneous words coming out and a new focus in his therapy sessions and we just aren’t there yet. I have to remind myself that apraxia long road with lots of stops along the way. Patience, Linda, patience :)


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