Can I take back what I said? …

Can I take back what I said in my most previous post about our insurance company and the pleasant surprise of coverage? It turns out the information they gave our provider was wrong, and our OT and PT visits count against our total, even if they are on the same day. So his OT  and PT evaluation are taking away from the # of speech visits he has left for the year and I can’t schedule regular PT and OT therapy as originally planned. We just don’t have the money.

Based on the original information BCBS gave us, I restructured his schedule, I didn’t renew gymnastics, and I reduced his services from EI. Now they are saying we had the wrong information. I asked how it could be I get different information every time myself or his provider calls. Their response was, “that must be very frustrating”.  That’s an understatement! If I could fill this page with all kinds of swear words directed at BCBS I would. Just imagine that part. Insert profanity here.


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