Activity report for teacher or caregiver

I’ve recently heard about other parents giving their preschool or daycare providers an activity sheet to fill out at the end of the day for the parents. This is a way to share information about your child’s day.  I’m sure this is great for any parent to have, but even better for the parent of a non-verbal child. Henry goes to a playgroup (which is set up like a little preschool) one day a week and it’s made up of four typically developing children and four special needs children.  Henry loves going and is so excited when I go pick him up at the end of the day. He’s running around grunting or pointing to various items and when we get in the car his incoherent babbling continues. I know he is excited and wants to share with me about his day, and it breaks my heart he can’t just come out and tell me. Our ride home turns into a sort of game of charades or a guessing game of what he did that day, what he liked, or what songs they sang etc. I do get tidbits verbally from the teachers before we rush out the door, but these activity sheets seem like a great way to exchange more information. This way I can post it on the fridge, my husband can see it and then I’m reminded throughout the week. It is also a written record if he’s reacting negatively to certain foods, has tremors or sensory issues.

I’ve modified a form to suit my needs and I’ve attached it. Feel free to download and make changes that would work for your child!


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