Exciting news from CASANA

I received this email today from Sharon Gretz over at CASANA. 
I'm so excited that something like this is finally in place. 
If you have a child with apraxia please take the time to register. 
The more information they can gather the more we can all learn about this disorder!
Hi Everyone!

It is an exciting day for us! The Apraxia Research Registry project, over a
year in the making, is now OPEN!!! The public facing portal is now open and
ready for families to register and begin entering detailed data regarding
their child/ren with apraxia of speech.

Why do this? This is a completely bottom's up approach to assisting
researchers who may need to either recruit research subjects and/or those
wishing to evaluate group data in order to understand things like prenatal
histories, birth histories, chemical exposures, etc. that could possibly
contribute to the problems kids with CAS experience.

Also, in addition to providing the details, you will be able to upload
photos, audiosamples, videos and/or reports that can help even more!
Imagine if the research can "hear" your child's speech attempts? (PS: once
you mark the kind of file you wish to upload, you can view directions for
eliciting a HELPFUL speech sample from your child. Photos may help to
identify potential genetic similarities, differences, etc.

We can help, we families can help research! This is a big way you can help.
Please view details of the effort here:


NOTE: Families that COMPLETE a registration by March 31, 2012 are eligible
for a drawing for a free iPod Touch! (3 devices will be awarded).

Thanks everyone!!!


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