Halloween surprises

I was unsure how Halloween would go this year. Sure, Henry had his dragon growl down pat, but I didn’t know how he would handle wearing his costume and in general all of the stimulation. He can be unpredictable as to what he finds amusing and what totally freaks him out. I wish I would have known from the start he would take it all in stride, I would have been able to relax a lot more! I was pleasantly surprised by how easy going he was. Unless he was around other kids in costume, he wasn’t really digging wearing his, but that’s ok. We also came across a lot of scary looking adults in costumes, and even little ones, and there was only one that really scared him.

As far as sensory issues goes, we carved pumpkins the day before (well I carved and Henry scooped) and he even handled that well. I eased him into the whole inside of the pumpkin thing. Let’s face it, it’s gross inside a pumpkin…slimy and gooey and smelly. Six months ago this would have been a real problem and I would have had to wipe his hands every two seconds if I could get him near it all.  But he was kind of loving it… he was really participating in everything about the holiday. This year he could even try some candy since some of his dietary restrictions have been lifted!

The harder part was when little kids would come up and talk to him and he was silent. And they just looked at him then eventually took off.  It was subtle and it bothered me more than him. When we went door to door in the neighborhood, he couldn’t say trick or treat. We couldn’t really even get an approximation out of him, so I encouraged him just to say “hi”. Many people hold out their candy bowl, but pause when handing it out and say “what do you say?” …waiting for that trick or treat. I found myself talking for him. I considered having him carry a sign, but we only went to a few houses and I just didn’t know how I felt about that. Henry actually doesn’t get as much attention to his issue as some non-verbal kids his age because he’s kind of small for his age and has a younger look. That’s starting to change now though and soon he will look like the big boy that he really is!  Overall, Halloween was so much fun and a huge success, and I’m sure by next year he will be saying some version of “trick or treat” with the best of them!



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