Leaps and bounds…

In a recent post I was concerned with Henry’s apparent regression since returning from Michigan and his resistance in his speech therapy sessions. While the therapy has improved a bit, his speech in general at home has grown by leaps and bounds!  We are working with the Kaufman cards at home and lots of scripting, and he seems willing to make an attempt at almost any sound or word you ask! He’s not always right, but the attempt is worth a lot!

He is even using some two word phrases, and a couple of times he did so spontaneously! This was a huge moment for him, and I could tell he was so proud! He’s said approximations for the following phrases, “Caillou, please” , “Mommy, poop” (his not mine:), “apple stick”, “shoes on”.  It’s so amazing. The crazy thing too is his regular use of a few spontaneous words…small ones, but ones that get his point across, like: out, in, on, up (those pronounced almost perfectly btw), yes, no, please  etc.  Sometimes I hear him practicing these words when he’s in his crib or playing alone. What’s funny is he will be practicing alternating words with opposite meaning, like “in” , “out”… or “up”, “down”.  Either way we are so pleased. He’s been working so hard and it feels finally like it is paying off.  He even has an approximation for his name now! So we work on, “Henry do” during turn taking etc. Even though much of the day is still sort of a game of charades, little by little I feel like we are starting to really communicate. I can’t wait to hear what he’ll say next…


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