Show me the money…

I’m not sure what we are going to do. Despite attempts to appeal to my husband’s employer for better insurance coverage for 2012, nothing could be done. We are stuck with the same 45 visits per year, which include speech, OT and PT combined. Seeing he needs all three, this coverage just might get us through March.

In good faith, my husband’s employer is going to try to help a little financially with these added costs. I think they feel bad about the limitations of our insurance and empathize with our situation. I appreciate that, but it doesn’t put us in a much better position. The hard part is whenever a positive change comes financially and we think we can catch up, or even get a little bit ahead, we get hit with some other financial bleed. Therapy will be taking all of our money beyond our basic bills. We would do anything for Henry, and it’s worth it, but I have to say it just doesn’t seem fair. I know many families with children with special needs fight the same battle.  I will continue to fight our insurance company and see what happens, but I don’t anticipate any changes there. I have also applied for a couple of grants and I’m keeping my fingers crossed. This last trip to Kaufman was worth it, but wiped us out. I’m saying prayers that it will all work out.


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