No! Me! Mine!

Three new spontaneous words that Henry has acquired are those that make up much of the supposed “terrible twos”… “NO!”… “ME!”…”MINE!”  It was necessary to put these words in caps and with exclamation points because that is exactly how they are delivered by my dear, innocent and cherubic little boy :)

With Henry’s burst of language development in the last two weeks we have definitely seen a more pronounced personality emerging. He loves being able to assert himself and make choices and I’m so happy for him!  You can see the pride in his face and I can’t help but smile even when he is talking in not such a nice way. Helloooo…did you read what I just wrote?? “Talking”!  That’s right!  So for all that have said over the last year or so, “just wait until he starts talking, you will wish he never started” , I still have the same response…NO WAY!  I love every word word out of that boy’s mouth… garbled or understandable, whispered or shouted… it’s all music to my ears.


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