All I want for Christmas – part 2

Here is part two of  Christmas ideas for Henry. These are focused more on sensory and fine motor learning.

Gigglator… sounds fun and I’ve never heard of this toy.  Kids can record their voices or select any of the 12 prerecorded sound effects. Then they simply roll, slide or shake to change its pitch and make hilarious sounds.  I think it will be a great motivator for sound production during home speech therapy

Screw Block… this is a compact alternative to getting Henry a whole tool bench with accessories.  This seems like a good compromise.  ‘Simple, effective manipulative refines hand eye coordination, fine motor and color matching skills’

Touch and Match Board.. a new kind of matching board, this one is by touch.. .rough, smooth, squishy. Great for tactile and sensory needs…

Below, CooCoo. Don’t let CooCoo drop the ball.  CooCoo wil help your child to get a sense of gravity along with a sense of observation. It also develops hand eye coordination and dexterity

Snakey Skill Building. I was looking for a doll or toy that helped Henry with some of his adaptive skills like dressing.. snapping, zipping etc. He’s so interested right now but having some difficulties. There are a lot of dolls out there with mixed reviews, and most don’t include a lace up feature. This one does. And I like how you have to make the connections to put the snake together. I think it makes it more interesting for him.

Egg and Spoon Race… Silly and fun. Really probably meant for parties, but I think this will be good indoor fun this winter. Plus it will work on balance and hand eye coordination.  Simply balance your egg on the spoon and race to the finish line without dropping it. Be careful – if you drop your egg, it will crack!

Dado Bricks. Henry loves big cardboard blocks they have at his preschool. I liked these because it takes them one step further because they lock together. I think I may order two sets… we can build forts!interlocking stars pretty self explanatory..I like how they snap together

textured tangle.. this could be fun in the car or just to keep Henry’s little hands busy. I like the different textures. It can be used as more of a puzzle as he gets olderRapper snappers He loved these during his therapy at the Kaufman Clinic.  They pop together and you can compact them or stretch them. They make fun sounds and you can link them together. Great for imaginative play.

snap bags I think Henry will really like the weight of these, he enjoys heavy things. Also the snapping part will be fun for him. He can make different shapes or chains/snakes. And we can use it for color/number learning and even as bean bags for our bean bag toss.Button Art This will be great for color matching and again he loves pushing things out and hearing that satisfying “snap”! Should be fun


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