Transition meeting

So we had our transition meeting with Birth23 and the school that Henry will potentially attend. I misunderstood this meeting in that I thought it was an IEP meeting, but I guess that comes next.

I was really braced for the worst, and I was really nervous for some reason. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to chill out and not worry so much.  It ended up being kind of a breeze, and nervous nelly over here thus became suspicious it was too good to be true.

I walked out of that meeting feeling like we were going to get everything they had to offer Henry… the max of 4 days in morning preschool, private speech therapy every day, private OT possibly once a week, group OT, Speech and PT daily. I expected to have to battle them in response to comments like, “Well we just don’t really have that in the budget” or “Maybe we can give him 10 minutes group therapy once a month”…something horrific like that. I have heard horror stories about these things…I didn’t just come up with this all on my own :)

Basically the meeting was a round table discussion between myself, Henry’s dad, his three EI therapists, the preschool teacher, and school SLP, OT and PT. Henry wandered around the classroom and played, and I think he also charmed everyone there!

Henry had some of  his tremors during our visit and the OT happened to catch them. They are very interested to hear what a neurologist has to say about it and believe me, we are too! I wish we could get him in sooner to see one, it feels like we have been waiting forever! Yale and Hasbro are currently like Fort Knox.

I came prepared with copies of his prior evaluations and reports.  The SLP seemed particularly interested in the one from Kaufman.  I was pleasantly surprised at what the school had to offer. It felt more like a private school than a public school. I was also surprised at their awareness of apraxia and sensory processing disorder. I guess I shouldn’t have been, they work with special needs children all the time. All I had to go off of was the confused expressions I got from friends and family when I tried to explain it all to them. No one I know, myself included, had ever heard of apraxia. It’s not exactly common so I was relieved that they have had a few apraxic students in the past. It impressed me that they planned on coming to his playgroup to observe him and also would attend a few of his private speech therapy sessions. They also assured me there is great communication between all of the team members and that they would be working on the same goals at the same time, private speech therapy included. It sounds like the program is extremely well planned and would be a great fit for Henry.

I believe we meet again in March to finalize the details and at that point I will find out exactly what services Henry will qualify for. I hope the outcome is as positive as it felt that day!


1 thought on “Transition meeting

  1. Wow! I am very pleasantly surprised by how well things went too! Like you, I have heard plenty of stories about how painful and frustrating these meetings can be. I’m so glad that wasn’t your experience. Sounds like an amazing school and sounds like they truly have Henry’s best interest at heart.

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