Big Ho!

Christmas was extra special for us this year because Henry was light years way from where he was last year in terms of understanding the holiday and being able to express his excitement. His sensory issues have also improved and that made the holiday much less stressful. He was excited about everything…from the lights to the trees, to the music, the books and the parties. And of course, Santa!

Last year, one of Henry’s very few approximations was ho, ho, ho. (otherwise we had mama & dada (as repetitive babbling) and ha, for hot). I remember being really excited about it and then it disappeared. This year we could get a ho, but for some reason, not a “ho, ho, ho”. By the end of the season after working hard on it, we could get “ho, ho”.  Apraxia is such a strange thing. Anyhow, what was funny is that in Henry’s mind everything about Christmas was “ho”. Santa was ho, Christmas was ho…etc.  Christmas trees were “ho tee”,  seeing santa or sitting on his knee was “ho knee”…and now comes the really funny part.

Henry got a book last year about Santa eating too many cookies and sweets at each house he visited… so much so that his buttons popped off of his jacket and he couldn’t make it back up the chimney. This was one of Henry’s favorite Christmas stories and we read it again and again. After a week or two, Santa went from being “ho” to being “big ho”. Then if someone or something was big or oversized, it was a “big ho”. Now I get what he was saying and I think it’s rather cute, but imagine what strangers are thinking when he points to someone, Santa or otherwise, and shouts “Big Ho!”. (this happened). It’s just one of those things I will never forget.

Apraxic kids use approximations all the time, and sometimes they come up with some pretty funny ones. This is my favorite so far!

I hope you all had a happy holiday!


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