I can remember back in October or November when Henry pointed to the fruit bowl and yelled “Ah-poh!!!” for apple! It was a big accomplishment, as any new words are, but especially because it was spontaneous. Oddly enough it wasn’t a word we were even working on, it just sort of popped out. I worried it would be one of those words that went as quickly as it came, but fortunately it stuck.

A couple of weeks after that I noticed he was using “ah-poh” for other words he already had or had approximations for…mainly for “up” and for “help”. It seemed strange because up is an easier word to say than apple and he had a great pronunciation for it already as well as it was  a word more commonly used throughout the day. I tried not to overreact, but continued to correct him saying “good try, but say “Up”” or whatever the case may be. Sometimes after modeling the word he would get it after a few tries, but the next time he said it on his own spontaneously it would revert to “ah-poh”.

We have been trying to work on this in therapy and frequently at home. Now sometimes he adds “ah-poh” to the end of his approximation for “up” or “hep” (help).  It’s been a few months now and we still can’t get it corrected. I worry it’s going to get harder as more time passes and that it will get ingrained in his brain somehow. I feel like we have been doing everything we can, that we know of, and all we can keep doing is offering the correct model of the word.

I’m wondering if this is a typical apraxia thing or if this is attributed to something else. I guess with all of this progress he has been making I should stay prepared for these minor setbacks. Apraxia is a mysterious thing!


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