I have definitely neglected this blog lately, and though it’s with good reason, I miss writing and I miss keeping records of Henry’s progress. I already have forgotten things I’ve wanted to share over the last month!

Since after Christmas the whole family has been sick in one way or the other, constantly…no joke. Henry has also transitioned from a crib to a toddler bed. The word transition to me conjures an image of something going smoothly, well, this is not! We are still trying to make it work. This along with some sudden changes in his behavior has created all sorts of challenges in our daily lives.

After finally seeming to be over the hump with illnesses in this household, Henry had a seizure. This was so scary, and something I worried might happen one day given my husband’s epilepsy. Obviously figuring this out and caring for Henry has been a priority…thus the “MIA” status :)  I look forward to catching up, so look for many posts to come. I hope you don’t feel bombarded!


1 thought on “MIA

  1. Been following you for a while- gives me hope for my own son with apraxia! Keep us posted on how you and Henry are doing when you have time!

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