24 HR Video EEG


Henry was admitted overnight to Hasbro Children’s Hospital in the beginning of May for a 24 hr video monitored EEG. I remember being stressed out about the test. Looking back though, most of my anxiety came from wondering how the heck we were going to keep him calm and occupied for 24 hrs with all of these leads on his head and with him literally being on a very very short ‘rope’ so to speak. I packed every favorite toy I could think of, craft projects, books, cars, you name it! Of course his greatest interest was his own personal tv, hovering above his bed where he could watch as much as he wanted. (I mean if there was a time for breaking all of the tv rules, this was it). He watched Finding Nemo at least five times. I now know the words by heart. He also loved being served a variety of foods in bed. Because of his food allergies and not being sure if he would eat what they had, he often had the makings of two full adult meals in front of him and he acted like he was getting room service at the Ritz!
Aren’t kids funny? The parents carry all of this stress and worry and have these experiences permanently imprinted on their brains. Kids on the other hand, seem to make the best of every situation and find a way to have fun. There is something to be learned there.

If you read my most recent posts you know this isn’t all ending super well, but I swear at the time I thought I was going through these series of tests to rule things out, which was necessary, but that they really wouldn’t find anything. Little did I know…


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