what a difference a year makes

Every once and a while I will take some time and read back on my older posts on this blog. It’s often a pick me up on a hard day or a reminder of how hard we’ve worked and how far we’ve come.

Mother’s Day is the perfect time for this. I remember last Mother’s Day vividly along with the painful emotions that came along with it. I really wasn’t sure if I would ever hear Henry call me mama… and I worried if he would ever be an effective verbal communicator. It was so hard to feel so connected to my little one, but that same time have this huge wall between us due to lack of words. And I knew my boy had a lot to say!

This year was so different. Mother’s Day was spent in the car, driving home from Michigan after our second visit with Nancy Kaufman, and likely our last. It was a long day driving…Chris and I in the front, and Henry in the back. He mostly watched movies and napped here and there, but he also talked. TALKED! I never could have anticipated this last year. Chris and I discussed his therapy sessions with Nancy and how impressed she was on how far he’d come. We were amazed at the little personality unfolding before our eyes, and we were amused by all of the thoughts and stories he could now share with us.

We didn’t go to brunch or a traditional celebration for Mother’s Day, but it was truly the best one yet. It was a day to reflect and be thankful and I’m so grateful to be Henry’s mom.


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