Blue Cross… you still stink, or as Henry says…ewwwww!

I called BCBS the other day wondering the status of my appeal. He said it was processed and mailed, but he couldn’t tell me the decision. Considering the next day I got a big fat envelope saying “NO”, “NOPE”, “DENIED”, I’m not surprised he didn’t share the decision with me.  (there were probably also notes on my file to fear for your life if you cross me or my son, because I will be your worse nightmare :D )

I really, really thought based on the appeal letter I wrote and the supporting letters from the neuro and SLP that we would win. I also thought they couldn’t deny his cute little face considering I included a photo of him too! Cold, cold hearts over there at Blue Cross. It was kind of like waiting for a college acceptance letter. When it was so big and fat I momentarily got excited…then I thought, wait, what could be in there? Why of course! It’s pages and pages of complicated information in nonsensical language about how if I don’t agree with them I need to take it up with New York because they are over it, and me, and I need to get a lawyer to understand it all.

I called the neuro’s office and they agreed to write another letter on our behalf including Henry’s new diagnosis, and I’m hoping the genetic anomaly card will win us this hand. Who knows. It will take another month minimum to get it figured out. Meanwhile Henry is getting maybe 2 speech sessions a month and the pressure is on to practice more at home. The fear of regression is looming.


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