Casana Conference – Boston

So the National Conference on Childhood Apraxia of Speech is coming up in Boston in a few weeks. Last year when it was in San Diego, it was all I could do to not charge up my credit cards and hop on a plane and go. Now it’s so close-by so as soon as I found out it was in Boston, I just assumed my husband and I would be there.

Now we are wavering for a few reasons, the main one being financial. We are currently without insurance coverage for Henry’s therapy and it’s $220 a session…two times a week. Already we can’t afford it. The CASANA conference is $275 per person not including hotel, gas, etc. Side note: Is it just me or do any of you now look at prices in terms of how many speech sessions it would cover. For example, a much needed vacation? Well, that would be like 10 therapy sessions! A new tv to replace our half dead one, 3 or more therapy sessions. You get the idea. Oy.

Anyhow, the money thing is tough. I’ve been trying to weigh the cost vs. benefit for a while now. I’ve been studying the seminars at the conference and the speakers trying to figure out if we could get enough out of it to warrant the financial strain. Henry is coming along nicely in his speech and we aren’t new to this diagnosis, so some of the sessions wouldn’t be as useful for us at this point. I am, however, really interested in the ones regarding learning in school, reading, socialization, and neurological factors.

Right now, if you asked me today, I’d have to say that regretfully I’m not attending. But there is this teeny tiny voice in my head that is nagging me to go. If it happens it will be a last minute decision. If anyone else out there is going, I’d love to hear what you think


1 thought on “Casana Conference – Boston

  1. We aren’t going. My husband isn’t really interested and it would cost us too much (we live in Florida). I get the financial side of things I have two bills sitting by my computer for $530ish and $127 respectively : speech and an MRI. Ugh it never ends. I honestly do not understand how some people are able to afford the conference and all those specialized speech camps and such (Kauffman, or Lynn carahaly) it boggles my mind. I need their income lol.

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