Apraxia Conference

I wanted to share with you that I actually ended up attending the conference and I was able to use my flex spending account to pay for it (which is like getting around a 30% discount).  I had to get a note from my doctor that the conference would be beneficial for Henry’s treatment but it wasn’t as tricky to get approved as I thought. 

I can’t recommend this conference enough! I only wish I could have attended all of the seminars, but you have to pick and choose and just find the ones that fit your situation at the time. If I had gone last year, I would have chosen some different classes. All more the reason to go every year if you can! I just couldn’t pass up going when it was so close by.

I particularly loved the seminars with Ruth Stoeckel and David Hammer. Also, there is something so profound being surrounded by so many people who completely understand what you are going through. I highly recommend this conference!


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