Arggg Matey! Happy Birthday Henry!

So my baby turned 4. How is that possible? I have to admit in my mind I still see him as a toddler. However, the big boy age of 4 doesn’t allow for that, does it? I still can’t believe it.

Henry had a beautiful day on the day of his actual birthday as well as the day of his party on Saturday. We were lucky, both seizure free days we think! I was in a panic that he would have one in the middle of his party, fall asleep for three hours and then I would have to send everyone home. Thank goodness, it went off without a hitch. We had a brief time when singing to him that I thought he was having a seizure, and it’s still a small question mark in my mind, but I’m choosing to push it aside.

This was the first birthday that I wasn’t wondering if he would be able to blow out his candles. Henry has pretty great breath control now and can blow bubbles and blow out candles and all that fun stuff! Not only can he say “Happy Birthday”, he can sing the song all by himself! This was a huge year of development for Henry, especially when it comes to his speech. I couldn’t be more proud!

Henry had a pirate themed party this year and I just have to share a few pics from this past week!






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