How far he’s come!

I have another blog which is much more of a journal of motherhood and a keepsake for Henry. (I’m terrible about writing in all of those baby books you get at your shower). I haven’t written in it for over a year and I feel super guilty about it. I randomly started looking at it and found this post from Dec 2011, less than a year and a half ago. And reading it brought it all back. It was a HUGE deal that he could say moo, even if it wasn’t fluid, he could say it. Let’s just say no one in this family takes any of Henry’s words for granted. Every word is special, even the naughty ones that pop occasionally.  :)

Here it is:

Dear Henry,

This may not seem like a big deal to you, or to many people actually, but you can finally say “Mooo!”. It just popped out the other day while we were looking at a farm book. Do you know your Mommy and your therapists have been working on this word with you for over a year? Your mom has been running around mooing like a cow hoping one day you could put the “mmmm” with the “oooo” and you did it!  From a motor planning perspective this is a huge gain, but in general it’s just plain awesome and you love saying it!  I see your pride and I think you realized what you’ve accomplished.  You’ve been wanting to say it as much as I was waiting to hear it.  Sigh. I’m so happy.

Love you



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