This page is constantly being updated, so please continue to check back:


Apraxia kids


Apraxia Speaks


Nancy Kaufman


Dyspraxia USA

Sensory Processing Disorder

SPD Foundation


GERD/ Reflux


Infant Reflux

Helpful items for reflux

Food Allergies

Food allergy and Anaphylaxis network

Fighting for insurance coverage – useful information

Info from Speechville

Info from ASHA

Info from Apraxia-kids

Applying for grants

Small Steps in Speech


The Lindsay Foundation

United Healthcare

My recommended books for parents:

The Late Talker

Let’s talk together

Play to talk

The Out-of-Sync Child


The Out-of-Sync Child Has Fun


Sensational Kids

Cooking for Isaiah

Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook

A few of my recommended books for child:

The big book of exclamations

Brown bear, brown bear

The ear book

Llama, Llama Red Pajama

Mr Brown can moo

Buzz Buzz Buzz went Bumblebee

Goodnight Moon

Sheep in a Jeep

My recommended videos:

Baby Babble

Baby Babble 2

The Letter Factory

The Talking Words Factory

Signing Time

Augmentative and Alternative Communication:

AAC Institute

Signing Time

Sign to talk- Kaufman method



Vantage Light

Chat PC-Silk



Special Apps:

Great overview of options


Apps and Ideas for SLPs and Parents

Apps for Children with Special Needs

Moms with Apps

Proloquo 2 Go









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